WordPress Blogging Themes Free

Today, I will tell you about the Free WordPress Blogging Themes ( Wordpress Blogging Themes Free ). So, If you are planning to start a WordPress blog then selecting the right theme is very important because the theme is the design of your website and it should be attractive and professional.

WordPress Blogging Themes Free


1. Wisteria

This is very simple and free WordPress blog theme and in this theme, you will get the sidebar in the right side, black bar header, and Wisteria allows you to remove the developer credit in theme settings itself you don’t need to edit theme footer coding to remove the theme credit. This theme doesn’t have the footer.

Download                                  Preview

2.  MH-lite

This theme is also one of the most SEO friendly, beautiful, and best WordPress theme for blog websites, a lot of blog websites use this theme and it has a really good amount of rating. In this, you will get a black bar header, right or left sidebar and you will get the min 1 and minimum 4 footers in this theme. Some of the bloggers uninstalled this theme after using for a month, at least it happens with my clients and friends.

Because in the free version of the MH-lite theme you will not allow removing the footer credit and you will not get the footer.php folder in this theme so it became very stressful for the beginner’s blogger and the theme developer credit in the footer of your websites look very unprofessional so I  have discovered a solution for that, there is a plugin caller find and replace, you can use that to remove the copyright footer without editing the theme file.

Download                                 Preview

3. Astra

People use Astra for making E-commerce or business websites, but I have uses the Astra theme in my blog the websites and It looks very professional and it is SEO friendly and free WordPress theme, you can use find and replace plugin to edit the copyright footer of this theme too.

In Astra theme, you will get the custom header and logo size and it has the option to choose the sidebar weather you want a sidebar in left or right or you don’t want the sidebar and you will get custom footer too in Astra so overall it Free, beautiful, fully customizable and SEO friendly.

Download Astra                                 Preview


4. Tiny Hestia

Tiny Hestia is the child version of the theme Hestia and it comes with the free and premium version. In this theme, you will get the custom header, right sidebar, and maximum 4 columns in the footer. Hestia is SEO friendly, responsive and attractive theme and the free version the theme is enough to create a beautiful and professional blog website and If you want to take your blog to next level then you can purchase the premium version of it.

Download                                 Demo

5. Ocean WP

If you are WordPress developer or a blogger then you must have heard about this theme. Ocean WP is the free and fully customizable WordPress theme. Developer us this theme to make E-commerce, Business, and educational websites but I have used this theme in my many of blog websites and Its look very professional.

Ocean WP is responsive, SEO friendly, very attractive, Free and highly rated WordPress theme.

Download                                 Demo

Conclusion & My Opinion

No matter what theme you are using in your blog as long as your website are responsive, SEO friendly, easy navigation, good design and attractive. If you are making other than blog websites then many more things matters, this guide is only for blog websites.

So this was the blog on WordPress Blogging Themes Free. I hope you had found this guide helpful and if you any question or suggestion then make sure ask in the comment section below.


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