YouTube SEO 2019: 6 Tips To Rank Number One On YouTube

Want to learn YouTube SEO 2019?YouTube is number one video sharing website in the world because of this it has a lot of creators who are putting their heart and soul to create quality content to become famous and to make a lot of money through their YouTube channel.

YouTube has a lot of competition due to the large numbers of creators. So if a new creator wants to grow on YouTube then he should have the perfect knowledge of YouTube SEO so that he can rank on top on their targeted keywords and this help the creator to grow their channel fast.

If a creator doesn’t know the YouTube SEO then no one will know about his videos and channel.

YouTube SEO 2019: 6 Tips To Rank Number One On YouTube

Here is the 6 tip s to rank number one on YouTube.

1. Make High-Quality Video

According to YouTube creators course ( YouTube official course for Youtubers ), our video should have at least in 720p.

2. Good Audio Quality

Voice in our video should be clear and every normal human can listen to that easily. While editing your video make sure add background music especially in tech video, talking videos and vlogs etc, because it engages users and makes sure your voice in your video is easily hearable.

3. Write Attractive Tittle

It is very important to write the attractive title of your YouTube video in order to rank on number one. Don’t put the only keyword in your title because that’s not gonna work because thousands of engineers and PhDs work at YouTube to make sure that no one can decide their algorithm to focus on creating quality content not on putting keywords in title and description.

So, how to write a good YouTube title? Well, just write what you have taught in your in 25 words and then put this symbol “|” and then write 25 more words which can define your video, that’s it.

4. SEO Friendly Description

Writing SEO friendly description is very easy you just have to explain about the video in two little paragraphs and you have to provide your social profiles link.

5. Write Appropriate Keywords

It is the feature of YouTube through which you have to tell you YouTube on which keywords your video should be shown to people. So, you just have to write the title of your video in many different ways.

Suppose, if I have to search “how to become ethical hacker after class 12” and some other people can search it like, “what should I learn to become ethical hacker after 10th” so you have to do keywords research and keyword research means what people are searching for on the Google and YouTube and you have to write those keywords in your YouTube video but make sure all the keyword should be related.

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6. Make Attractive & High-Quality Thumbnail

Here, In my YouTube SEO 2019 I have researched Make high-quality thumbnail using Photoshop or any other software that let you make high-quality thumbnail and your thumbnail should be attractive so that if people see your videos in their fees or recommendation then your click-through rate increase because high click-through rate make your video more SEO friendly and YouTube shows it to more and more people in their recommendation and high click-through rate also increase your overall video ranking on YouTube and Google.


In the conclusion section, I just wanna tell you to create quality videos and be honest with your audience and follow the instructions that are mentioned above.

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